M34DM-3 Bio Fuel Pump
Providing Solutions Today For Tomorrows Bio Fuel Market.

The new Webster Bio Fuel Pump is now available. This Bio fuel pump is compatible with all Bio blends of B100 - B5, (soybean or animal fat) This unit can easily replace your standard M34D or A2VA residential pump.

General specifications are as follows...M34DM-3 Bio Pump, 3450 rpm., CW rotation, right hand nozzle port, 3 gph. @ 3450 rpm., 75-190 psi. range, internal cut-off. All components are specially designed to be compatible with Biodiesel. The M34DM-3 is able to maintain its 3 gallon fire size throughout the 100 to 150 psi pressure range. (PDF)

For more information on Bio Fuel go to http://www.biodiesel.org

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